A Return to Form


⇒Quite looking forward to delving back into the true to form space horror genre. There has been a serious drought in this spectrum for quite awhile. There have been some psychological thrillers and mind bending traipsing, but a full blown ‘Alien is going to kill me’ movie has been taking a vacation for awhile. Perhaps that was for the best with this newest fresh start. It seems like our 80’s all over again with not only a new Alien on the horizon, but what can only be described as a symbiotic relationship as a Predator is up and coming, as well. Let us cross our fingers that the corporate lackey’s don’t bleed the two franchise’s to death again.

Alchemy Aku


⇒There is not much more fantastic than not only a beloved show returning to tie up loose ends in a final season, but to also have the original producer available to render their vision again. Truly looking forward to continuing to binge watch previous episodes and hope to recapture the magic that Samurai Jack is remembered as.


⇒A tale of sacrifice, brotherly love, and reward at a magnificently questionable cost. The story has its quirks, but has also truly inspired as an outline to try and write a story around. The definition of what it means to bring back what you love at any cost is wrapped in thorns when it means destroying all of those around you.

Klingon’s and the Flix

No Sugar Cubes Allowed!

Star Trek Discovery has revealed Klingons! We knew the race of warriors would make their debut sooner or later. Wonder how they will appear in Discovery? The roles have been filled at least. Glad to see this still going forward, perhaps I can get my kids into this show as much as I was when I was little!

This new perm machine is all the rage.

Netflix OA is most definite striking that, “I’d like to see more,” part of the brain. Not too impressed with how Netflix has diminished their library lately. I like having a long list of ‘shit I might watch, but probably not, opportunity,’ but am super impressed with Netflix’s original programming as of late. The fast and furious pace of releases is truly is making the subscription more then worth the fee.

Expanding Metal Ghosts, with a Side of Valerian


The Ghost in the Shell live action trailer made it’s debut and oh my goodness it looks like concerns of race questionable Scarlett have been left in the dust. They did fantastic with at least the trailer bit of this, let’s see if the rest of the movie comes out just as good.


Valerian is an upcoming film from the creator of Fifth Element and what an pleasure to the optic nerve his films are. They did a trailer edit with people our tagged/talked about their film and sent me a link to what looked like a review trailer customized especially for you, all an automatic process obviously but still fun. A link to that trailer made especially for @Regnian: Quote Review Video For Regnian


Full Metal Alchemist live action teaser trailer also looks great! This show was always one of my favorites in it’s way it was able to combine a serious dramatic feel with good breaks of small humorous moments that didn’t take away from the overall underlining story of brotherly love and family values.


The Expanse season 2! It looks like they will keep the quality of the first and as long as they can keep the magic of the books this is going to be fantastic!