As I Remember It: UNGOC #1

⇒The desert sand seeped into every seam, crack, and crevice of my too hot leather armor. The oil I used to soften the leather had nearly burnt out under the early afternoon sun. It wasn’t even the most unfortunate part of the day, yet. If my nostrils weren’t so accustomed to the scent of barely wet cowhide I probably wouldn’t have been able to smell the carrion’s lunch they were feeding on. The bird’s feast looked to be the decimated corpse of some local fauna or another. The blood and birds hid any other sign of what it could be. Honestly didn’t matter anyway what it was. I upended a portion of the last bit of water I got from the dead body of a waste wanderer’s pouch I killed a few hours back into Machera’s eager, open jaw.

⇒I sent my wolf running towards the nearest Vulture, and not for the first time I wondered if anything could be done with the constant sores and missing patches of fur Machera displayed as proud as if they were his scars of war. In truth, he was a wolf sickened by the disease that overran his home forest where I found him near death. All the healers since said there was no fixing what was done, but that by removing him from the source of the blight he would not get worse, nor was he of any risk of being contagious from the spells they weaved. He seemed not to notice the wounds, and was fiercely loyal ever since, and being the most damaging of my pets he would always have a place with me.

⇒Machera launched at the carrion birds, and immediately the flock of five descended upon him. The Wolf deftly dodged and attacked as I pulled out my bow and began picking off each Vulture one by one. It took only a few swift shots for most of the attacking creatures, a few birds tore off of the attack on Machera and lashed out towards me. They fell dead into the hot sand before making it half the distance to me. I needed a few more talons, and clean feathers from them are the only reason I truly bothered the now quiet flock. Machera returned, and I tossed him a piece of dried meat before I dove in to retrieve a few strong talons and cleaned off some long unbroken feathers. We moved on quickly and began making the trek towards the edge of the desert once more.

⇒The now dead birds were feasting near the cliffside of the crater in between the large rib bones of a long dead beast with a rib cage that scaled nearly twenty feet above me. What creatures used to roam such an inhospitable place must have been a marvel to witness. Dead now, no matter, I was only concerned with the current destination. I ran hard towards the edge of the cliffside and only stopping a the very edge of rock before the unknowable distance down of a drop was before me. There was a fog at the top of the tree line below us as far as I could see. Bright, huge leaves extended out of the white foggy dew below. A low throated growl interrupted my awe at the sight, and I smiled slightly without turning to Machera.

⇒”Now boy, you are only bite size to some of the creatures down there I’ve heard, easy.” It was only a little jest, we would have to be careful descending into a place were massive beasts still roamed. Scanning the low hanging cloud with the occasional tree rising through I saw a path down a bit further to the south. As if in warning when I began to move a low rumble began to shake the ground beneath us which turned into the loudest roar I had ever heard. It was a full five seconds long before the bestial sound faded and I smiled as Machera howled in return.

As I Remember It: RSI SC #1

⇒I woke after a fitful sleep. My Anvil ship was decimated by a head on collision after my quantum drive stopped. A nasty accident, but it seemed just that, accidental. Didn’t matter, the damn thing was insured anyhow. I made my way down out of the sleeping quarters, past full vending machines and through empty hallways. It was late, everyone on the channels was out flying from array to array or testing the newest multi-manned ship.

⇒Entering the well-lit terminal room where we could request our ships, I checked on my Anvil and saw the four-minute countdown taunting me. I could pay the insurance fees to get my ship down now or wait the now three minutes to save my credits. Over the chatter of how to turn this turret that way or which array to hit next, I noticed a plea for pick up at Array 653. Sponge he called himself.

⇒”My ship is in a death spiral. It spun up after my EVA to fix the link. Can I get a pickup?” Sponge typed over the written interface through all the other chatter. No one responded to him, myself included. Nonetheless, I summoned up my MISC Freelancer, official issue name, haven’t had the time to get to naming the beauty, yet. She is a five man hauler with minimal protection. I could take a pirate or two, but hopefully, I wouldn’t hit into any more resistance than that.

⇒Stuffing myself into my low-level EVA suit, I jogged out of the airlock into the vacuum towards my Freelancer. I had company; a single person was inspecting my ship. Must have been delivered where he was standing. Didn’t matter, he seemed just to be checking out the exterior. I quickly opened the back hatch made my way into the pilot’s seat. My audience of one was still checking out my wares as I took off and lined up my quantum drive towards Array 653.

⇒”Taxi anyone, the ship is still spun up?” Sponge APB’d again.

⇒”You can just take the bullet path and backspace yourself, bud.” A stranger by the name of Proxima replied nonchalantly.

⇒”Yeah, I don’t like doing that if I don’t have to.” Sponge responded.

⇒”Well, you have a Freelancer that just entered space around your array.” Proxima informed Sponge.

⇒My ship’s quantum drive had just spun down in fact. I made tabs on the torpedoing ship spinning like a top in dead space a kilometer or so from the array. Sponge was clinging on the array where the uplink tunnel funneled into the interior of the massive communications structure. I made the distance without interruption; it seemed that from the debris Sponge was able to dispatch of the pirate before restoring the uplink. Parking the rear hatch towards Sponge’s location, I got as close as I dared before coming to a steady lock spin with the array.

⇒Leaving the pilot’s seat I went to open the cargo hatch and wave Sponge into the ship. As the cargo bay door hissed open, that is when the targeting alarms began to tear loudly through the ship. “Aw, shit.”

As I Remember It: ZELIN BRWILD #1

⇒I went forward into the frigid mountain air. Coming over the crest of a ridge I was climbing I was struck by the sight of a purple glowing body of a long slender dragon curled sleepily on the peak of the mountain. On further examination, there were black spots of cancer growing across its body that seemed to have a mind of its own. Eyes were peering lazily out of the black masses of growth. The eyes were reminiscent of a chameleon in nature, looking this way and that. They looked randomly across the snow covered ground. Cautiously, I approached.

⇒Shallow, steamy water surrounded a dais near the lazily hanging head of the dragon. Pillars of stone skirted the edges of the hot spring. As I was wading into the warmth of the water, I could taste the last remnants of my spicy dish wear off that was keeping my blood warm in the icy mountain snow. It was my last food that I had, the trip off the mountain would have to be quick lest I find myself freezing to death.

⇒Approaching the center of the hot spring I climbed onto the dais and could feel the breath of the dragon. Slowly, the eyes of the long, slender beast opened its eyes and every cancerous growth that had grown eyes all suddenly noticed my presence. I quickly ate a dish that made my body feel stronger, making my attacks stronger before pulling out my bow as the dragon bellowed. The beast lifted from the tip of the mountain and began flying above me. I launched my first volley into the blinking eye of a charcoal colored growth. It exploded into a great hue of red as the dragon bellowed again, but the black growth had subsided where I had struck.